1999 Exhibitions

Jan 1, 1999 – Dec 31, 1999

Jan 8 – Jan 30

X.Y.Z. motion

Featured artist: Ng Tsz-kwan


Jan 15 – Feb 7

Home : A Mixed Media Art Exhibition Exploring the Concept of Home and City

Featured artists: Corrin Chan, Tim Li, Kacey Wong, Sara Wong


Feb 5 – Feb 27

Embryo, Power: Work by Jannel Chan

Featured artist: Jannel Chan


Feb 19 – Mar 14

Kem Zeg Fen Seg: An Exhibition of Visual Thinking of Material Life

Featured artists:
Chan Kai-yin, Dave Hung Keung, Charmaine Leung Chu-mei, Ng Hoi-chi, Kith Tsang Tak-ping, Miranda Tsui Ngai, Fiona Wong Lai-ching, Verele Vorstman


Mar 8 – Mar 21

Destroy Them!

Featured artist: Kacey Wong


Mar 27 – Apr 16

Women Who Dare: Women & the art of multimedia

Featured artists: Lily Lau, Lo Yin Shan, May Fung


Apr 14 – Apr 30

Skewed Border

Featured artist: Margaret Lam Choi-Kwan


May 4 – May 27

Echoic Space: Light at the End

Featured artist: Shook Mei Sam


May 4 – May 27

I Wish

Featured artist: Annie Wu


Jun 26 – Jul 21

Spectacle I

Featured artist: Cho Hyun Jae


Jul 5 – Jul 20

33 Moments of Happiness

Featured artist: Eric Otto Wear


Jul 6 – Jul 30

PLY: Mixed Media Installation

Featured artist: Priscilla Yeung


Jul 27 – Aug 28

Charlie Chan’s Secret: an exhibition by Mimi Lok

Featured artist: Mimi Lok


Aug 9 – Aug 27

The Three: video/ photography/ installation

Featured artist: Ellen Leung


Sep 7 – Sep 20

No Man’s Land Series: the War of 01, Part 1: An installation in Chinese Chess

Featured artist: Dickson Yewn


Sep 8 – Sep 24

Hong Kong (Con) Temporary Art Biennale

Featured artists: Kwok Ying, Kong Kee, Hui Chui-hung, Wong Chiu-tat, Yi Ding


Oct 6 – Oct 31

Ma’am’s Box – A Metaphor for the Feeling of Love

Featured artists:
Chun Hau-ching, Evelyna Liang Yee-woo, Ida Lin Fong-lan, Miranda Tsui Ngai, Helene Wong


Oct 12 – Oct 30

50 Bugs Each

Featured artist: To Yee-ming


Nov 8 – Nov 30

Blind Spot Test

Featured artist: Luke Ching Chin-Wai


Nov 17

Materia Prima (Part 2-Hong Kong)

Featured artists: Richard Holt, Janenne Eaton, Gregory Pryor


Dec 3 – Dec 31

Gelatine (Animal Origin)

Featured artist: Kong Kee



Thanks to the generous support of a Project Grant from the Arts Development Council, we will be adding more information and archival materials for these exhibitions in 2019.