2000 Exhibitions

Jan 1, 2000 – Dec 31, 2000

Jan 4 – Feb 18

Alice Meets Fierce Eagle: Mixed Media Work by Kwok Ying & Lai Nga Yu

Featured artists: Kwok Ying, Lai Nga Yu


Feb 15 – Feb 25

An exhibition of Painting and Craft by Lui Chun-Kwong

Featured artist: Lui Chun-Kwong


Mar 1 – Mar 31

Bloom! (Hong Kong: City of Life)

Featured artist: Henry Tsang


Mar 18 – Apr 15

Wandering in the Surfing Space: A multimedia installation by Wenda Chan

Featured artist: Wenda Chan


Apr 12 – Apr 30

With Self, Without Self: Installation by Chan Kai-yin

Featured artist: Chan Kai-yin


May 1 – May 31

June 4th Private Memories

Featured artist: Open to all to participate


Jun 7 – Jun 30

67-613-630 Sabina Hoertner

Featured artist: Sabina Hoertner


Jun 9 – Jun 30

Bug’s Diaries: Chan Kai-yin Solo Mixed-media Exhibition

Featured artist: Chan Kai-yin


Jul 3 – Jul 31

The Bigger The Foetus, The Happier

Featured artist: Simone Chan Lai-yee


Jul 6 – Jul 30

Vanity: installation, performance, photography and video exhibition by Yoshiaki Kaihatsu

Featured artist: Yoshiaki Kaihatsu


Aug 12 – Aug 27

Hello, Kai Fong!

Featured artists:
Sindy Lai, 黎晧怡, David Chan, 陳偉倫, Wilson Cheng, Winnie Choy, Maria Kwong, Doris Lai, Arman Lam, Lee Chun-bong, Cat Ong, Yan Wong, Sheran Tang, Jeffven Cheung


Sep 1

MTR Roving Art

Featured artist: Chun Hau-ching


Sep 12 – Sep 23

White Ink-Installation

Featured artist: So Yan-kei


Oct 9 – Oct 29

My Personal Skyscraper

Featured artists:
Chan Yuk-keung, James Chan, Cristiano Ceccato, Gary Chang, Sam Gorman, Laurence Liauw, Ho Siu-kee, Tim Li, Siu King-chung, Edwin Tam, Andy Wong


Nov 8 – Nov 29


Featured artist: Janice Leung Wan-yee


Nov 10 – Nov 26

Plastic Works and Protheses Construction – Works by Shirley Tse and Phoebe Man

Featured artists: Shirley Tse, Phoebe Man


Dec 6 – Dec 27

Jonathan Wong Chee Keong’s Exhibition

Featured artist: Jonathan Wong Chee Keong


Jan 1, 2001

Street Happening (Part of the Landscape Project)

Curator: Young Hay



Thanks to the generous support of a Project Grant from the Arts Development Council, we will be adding more information and archival materials for these exhibitions in 2019.