2003 Exhibitions

Jan 1, 2003 – Dec 31, 2003

Jan 17 – Feb 19


Featured artists: Kacey Wong, Emil Goh, Joyce Hsu, Jeon Seong Ho


Mar 8 – Apr 13

Did you know that Hong Kong was still last night?

Featured artists::
Guy Bar-Amotz, Lisa Cheung, Anthony Key, Yeu Lai Mo, Olof Bjornsdottir


Mar 21 – Mar 26

Excursion to the Readings – Recent Works of Tse Yim-On & Terrence Cheung

Featured artists: Tse Yim On, Terrence Cheung Lap Hang


Mar 21 – May 26

I have a Beautiful World Because I Love You – works by Tse Yim On

Featured artist: Tse Yim On


Apr 18 – May 11

Diamond & Rust

Featured artists:
Wong Choi Fung, Choi Yuk yuk, Tam Kwan Hong, Eric Hui, Viki, Hui Hui


May 20 – May 25

A time like this… Zeiten wie diese…

Featured artists:
Ricky Yeung, 陳清華, CHAN Kaiyin, Janice Leung, 蔡子筠, Iris Law, Pak Sheung Chuen, Dingbing, 丫烏


May 26 – May 31

Secret Life of Us – works by Tricia Tang

Featured artist: Tricia Tang


May 30 – Jun 20

A Tree to be Found

Featured artists: Seeman, Hoichiu, Camkam, Amy Chan, Peter Suart


Jun 13 – Nov 2

50th Venice Biennale – Navigating the dot

Featured artists:
Chan Kai Yin, Jasper Lau Kin Wah, Leung Chin Fung, Janice Leung Wan Yee, Tim Li, Evelyna Leung Kan Yee Woo, Phoebe Man Ching Ying, tamshui, Tsang Tak-ping, Sara Wong Chi Hang, Anthony Yeung Ngor Wah, Yeung Yang


Jun 27 – Jul 27

Organisation for Cultural Exchange and Mishap (OCEM)

Featured artists: Law Man-lok, Leung Chin-fung, Leung Mee-ping, So Yan-kei


Jun 27 – Jul 26

A Hong Kong – Melbourne Exchange Project 2003 Organisation for Cultural Exchange and Mishap (OCEM)

Featured artists:
Janina Green (AUS), Raafat Ishak (AUS), Patrick Pound (AUS), LAW Man-lok (HK), LEUNG Chin-fung (HK), LEUNG Mee-ping (HK), SO Yan-kei (HK)


Aug 23 – Oct 12

QK- The Curious Object – Chan Yuk Keung

Featured artist: Chan Yuk Keung


Oct 31 – Nov 23

Displacement ab-ject by Rita Hui & 23 Million Years of Foreplay by Inam Yong

Featured artist: Rita Hui, Inam Yong


Nov 1, 2003 – Feb 1, 2004

Documentary Show – Para/Site Collective Participated in Venice Biennale 2003 @ Hong Kong Museum of Art


Nov 3, 2003 – Feb 1, 2004

Navigating the Dot — Collective in Progress


Nov 21, 2003 – Feb 1, 2004

Navigating the Dot – Collective in Progress


Dec 27, 2003 – Jan 15, 2004

Local Accent – 12 artists from Hong Kong

Featured artists:
Man Ching-ying, Wilson Shieh Ka-ho, Tim Li, Ho Siu-kee, Sin Yuen, Leung Chi-wo, Kurt Chan, Sara Wong, Kacey Wong, Fiona Wong, Luke Ching Chin-wai, Kith Tsang Tak-ping



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