Local Orientation: Multi-Media Installation by Sara Wong

Mar 18, 1998 – Apr 19, 1998
Para/Site Art Space
2 Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan

Sara Wong Chi Hang


Multi-Media Installation by Sara Wong 

In a metropolis like Hong Kong, there are so many constraints that citizens would not realize, however. Just think about the convenience of the MTR. Many people now are reluctant to go somewhere that is not reached by it. The selling point of a property ad could be “next to MTR station”. (However, we are always unconcerned with the walk from the door to the train platform. It could be a journey of more than 20 minutes passing through bridges, malls, tunnels and escalators.) After all, the speed, means and directions of people’s movement are well arranged.

That is the inspiration for Sara Wong’s installation at Para Site. She tries to make a new experience without the mentioned constraints. Thus, she put Para Site on the map as the centre and draws four straight lines from it crossing roads and buildings. Following these lines, Wong explores these walks with a video camera. She films the street life and the expected blockades. Facing a blockade or a building, it is the time for a mind travel which connects the other side of it. In the gallery, she will project the video at four corners whereas a narrow corridor will be built in the middle. In the darkness, audiences can experience the artist’s subjective collection from the neighbourhood: smell and vision.

Patrick Luk responds to Wong’s work by making other video projections. Concerned with the ideas of blockades, he investigates the nature of our experience of margins and orientation by manipulating the direction and content of the projection. This also brings up the paradox in our use of digital documentary medium.

Wong and Luk, both graduates from the Department of Fine Arts, Chinese University of Hong Kong, also furthered their studies in the Architecture Department of Hong Kong University. Wong, one of the artists featured in Junge Kunst aus Hong Kong, China last Summer in Munich, now works as a landscape architect whereas Luk is a Master of Architecture student.


Margins & Digits: An Orientation by Patrick Luk is an exhibition in response to Local Orientation.


Both exhibitions are supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.


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