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A River Waits Reply

Oct 13, 2020
Nov 30, 2020

27 Oct - 1 Nov, Museo Tamayo

Miguel Calderón
Camaleón, 2017


Miguel Calderon’s Camaleón (2017) responds to Ria Pacquée’s As long as I see birds flying I know I am alive. Calderon’s film stands as a social portrait documenting a male character’s captivating relationship to his female falcon. Camaleon’s voice-over leads us through his everyday life as he describes his night-job as a bouncer and his early outings with his bird; his erotic inclinations and his death drive as he committed his first murder. The film also stands as a poetic portrait of Mexico City’s night-life and as a poignant metaphor of the wave of violence the country has experienced over the last decades.

Selected by Museo Tamayo

Miguel Calderón (Mexico city, 1971) lives and works in Mexico City

A River Waits Reply

A screening series developed in partnership between seven international arts organizations, A River Waits Reply presents moving-image works from around the world as a poetic reply to this unprecedented year. It is a year that has invited new forms of exchange at a distance, and a long overdue reckoning with deep social and political inequity that calls for new forms of solidarity. All seven institutions will simultaneously host each video on their websites for the duration of one week, with the series as a whole extending over seven weeks in total. Each work has been selected by a partner organisation as a response to the videos that preceded it, producing a cascading sequence and a winding river of thought, interpreted through the aesthetic and social values of their respective cultural context.

The title of the series is borrowed from a poem by Emily Dickinson.

‘Blue sea, wilt welcome me?

My river waits reply.
Oh sea, look graciously!

I’ll fetch thee brooks
From spotted nooks,—

Say, sea,
Take me!’

—Emily Dickinson, My river runs to thee