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Another Letter from an Unknown Reader | Yang Beichen Lecture-performance

Nov 17, 2018
7:30 pm

Revisiting the tradition of epistolary writing, the lecture performance, Another Letter from an Unknown Reader: A Second-time Thoughtful Speculation on Love /fictional presents an editor’s reply to a reader’s skepticism on love. Both a response letter and a radio broadcast, this narrative piece takes literature, films, and visual arts as its reference to contemplate love’s history, forms of expression, politics, and its future.

The first iteration of this lecture performance, A Letter from an Unknown Reader: A Thoughtful Speculation on Love /fictional, was presented at salt projects, Beijing in 2016.



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About the artist

YANG Beichen is a contemporary art and film studies scholar, who teaches at Dramatic Literature Department in Central Academy of Drama. He got his M.A. in University Paris Nanterre and his Ph.D. in Beijing Film Academy with a dissertation titled Film as Archive. He worked as senior editor at Artforum China since 2012. Yang is devoted himself to the interdisciplinary research between contemporary art and cinema through his curatorial practices, such as The Prose of the World (OCAT, Shen Zhen), Modern Witchcraft or Iconoclast (CAFA Museum, Beijing), WANG BING: Experience and Poverty (Magician Space, Beijing), New Metallurgists (co-curated with CAO Fei, Julia Stoschek Collection, Düsseldorf). His current research interests focus on the contemporary Moving-Image theory, Media Archaeology and New Materialism.