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Bicycle Thieves Closing Events

Sep 1, 2019
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm


Para Site, 22/F, Wing Wah Industrial Building

Hong Kong Weather Modification Office (Square Cloud) Karaoke Lecture Performance

Sep 1, 3:00 PM


Bicycle Thieves artist Wong Kit Yi will present a lecture performance as part of her on-going project about human interventions of weather and natural resources and the attempts to claim dominance over meteorological phenomena, with historical anecdotes, cross-cultural studies, and the most current crises we’re faced with. Wong will also screen a new karaoke music video, a recurrent form in her practice on the subject.

Wong Kit Yi  (b. Hong Kong) lives and works between Hong Kong and New York. Her artistic interest centers on odd scientific findings and the dysfunctional marriage between science and pseudoscience. She researches genetics, DNA technology, mythology, Japanese manga, meteorological interventions, models of ownership/leasing, and the biology of aging and immortality. She wonders which is harder to modify—weather or people.


“Body Thieves: Body Awareness and Improvisation” Workshop

Sep 1, 4:00 PM

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As we reluctantly find ourselves within the establishment, our bodies are being eroded of any semblance of sensitivity, and before we know it, we have turned into cogs of a machine. Being walled in and held at gunpoint, how do we rediscover our instincts for interacting with one another? The Hong Kong Artist Union invites everyone with different bodily abilities to participate in an improvisational workshop led by Maru and Mimi Lo, with the aim of reimagining the possibility of problem-solving with our bodies. The workshop encourages participants to awaken their bodily senses, sharpen their observation of the surrounding environment, and make the “best” response to the here and now—or the unknown—connecting with the self and those around. Let’s reclaim our stolen bodies and be aware, be available, be responsive, be clear—and be water.


Mimi Lo

Freelance art worker, Artistic Director and Certified Tutor of DanceAbility Hong Kong, and Certified Tutor at ContaKids. Lo graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with majors in Modern Dance choreography and dance direction, and has in recent years developed interests in contact improvisation and Argentine Tango. Lo has long organized outdoor contact improv sessions, encouraging participation from individuals of different age groups and bodily abilities, and using Somatics to continuously explore the body. In 2016 and 2018, working under contact improvisation guru Nancy Stark Smith, Lo participated in the EarthDance improv dance workshop in the US. Lo also participated in Long Dance 2018 as well as numerous international improv dance festivals.



Experienced tutor in inclusive dance workshops, improv dancer and behavioural artist. MARU was artistic director of Centre for Community Cultural Development’s CCCD Symbiotic Dance Troupe for ten years (2009-2018). Based on the methods of DanceAbility, he created “symbiotic dance” and has promoted it locally and overseas. His workshops abide by principles of inclusivity and equality, open to individuals from all walks of life. He is the first Certified Tutor for DanceAbility from a Chinese background. He started the dance troupes Make and Move, and Danotcers. He researches Underscore and Dance Drawing/Drawing Dance, and his artworks have appeared on different dance festival T-shirts and publications, including the US-based CQ.



Bicycle Thieves is financially supported by the Project Grant of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. The Hong Kong Arts Development Council fully supports freedom of artistic expression. The views and opinions expressed in this project do not represent the stand of the Council.