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Ecological Mediation with Junghun Kim


Para Site
22/F, Wing Wah Ind. Building, 677 King's Road
Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

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To mark the closing of the exhibition ‘While we are embattled’, artist Junghun Kim will lead an ecological mediation session taking place inside his interactive installation Becoming One and Many Through Your Soul.

This collective meditation session will depart from thinking about the balance of the five planetary elements, living conditions of unpolluted ancestral networks of flora and fauna, and the broken connectivity of their contemporary counterparts. During the session, we will learn how to combine our imagination and breath consciously to feel our souls and become part of the breathing history of the earth. We will travel as air and water particles to envision invisible ecological causalities whilst embodying human and non-human emotional trajectories. The session will be in English.

Junghun Kim’s interactive installation presented in the exhibition is a platform and spiritual gateway through which we are invited to imagine and meditate on a wider network of multi-species and planetary conditions in this unbalanced ecological period. The aim is to foster a mindset of solidarity with unequal matters and non-human beings through critical reflection on extractive anthropocentric systems, sympathetic spiritual imagination, and conscious seeds distribution for regenerative care of the ecosystem. Here, spiritual means a flexible and transformative fertilizer to access, embody, and care for a variety of life’s interactions while mindfully imagining and engaging as a decolonizing practice.