Wo…Man: Feminine Art exhibition | PS: Visual Arts and Culture (No. 17; Summer 2002)

In this issue, PS Special contains articles by Chan Kai-yin, Anthea Fan and Phoebe Man reviewing the Wo….Man: Feminine Art exhibition held at the Old Ladies House in Macau from different perspectives. Local art critic Jaspar Lau offers an in-depth critique of David Clarke’s new book, Hong Kong Art – Culture and Decolonization. Using Bryan Chung’s artwork Love Takes the Victoria Peak shown at the Social Club exhibition as the point of departure, Phoebe Man writes an intriguing article on a flurry of artworks with numbers/numbering as the theme.

Miscellaneous Musings on Wo….Man – CHAN Kaiyin (陳啟賢)

Woman’s Gossip – Hidden Gender Open Narratives – FAN Anthea Wanjen (樊婉貞)

In Response to the Comments of Wo….Man – Feminine Art Exhibition – MAN Phoebe Chingying (文晶瑩)

Note on Discussion: “Seeking Modern Religion Art” – LO Debbie

A Book Review of David Clarke’s Hong Kong Art – Culture and Decolonization – Jaspar Kinwah LAU (劉建華)

A Breath of Art – Kith Takping TSANG (曾德平)

數數字藝術 – MAN Phoebe Chingying (文晶瑩)