50th Venice Biennale: navigating the dot

The official catalogue for the Hong Kong Pavilion at the 50th Venice Biennale. Para/Site collective was selected to represent Hong Kong in the biennale. ‘In the borrowed time and borrowed space in the Venice Biennale, Para/Site collective [plays] the role of a facilitator. Always already both GLObal and loCAL, Para/Site collective builds compartments in the Hong Kong exhibition site to interrupt the Venice Biennale sight and site. What kinds of interruption are possible? Will the compartments serve as resting places, docks, temporary shelters, dwellings, or little theatres for visitors? The meanings are up to the visitors to imbue, for seeing, walking, smelling, touching and listening are all creative acts, let alone engaging in dialogues and indulging in dreams.’ 

Para/Site collective is made up of 11 members, including artists, architects, curators, critics, designers, educators and researchers, and was formed especially for the 50th Venice Biennale.