An Open Rule: Blink Space: Drifting Presence

An Open Rule: Blink Space, Drifting Presence is a project about rule-making and rule-driven creativity that was initially conceived in commemoration of Joey Luk, a Hong Kong artist brutally murdered upon her return from an artist-in-residence program in Estonia via Moscow. Rather than a solo exhibition with the display of prepared art works honouring a single “artist,” the month-long event consisted of a series of organized acts of spatial manipulation. The activities included workshops, seminars, a video screening and tea-parties etc. The project aimed to explore the questions the late artist raised in her work. These issues include: (1) What is an art object? What is an art work? (2) A critical dialogue with display/exhibition practices; and (3) The demystification of the category of “the artist.”

The catalogue comprises a collection of 36 loose folded-pages wrapped by a paper sleeve.