The Ghost of Chinese Culture | PS: Visual Arts and Culture (No. 13; Jan 2001)

PS is a newsletter published by Para/Site Art Space (Hong Kong).

In this issue, Yeung Yang offers a critique on the discourses of culture and history that presented by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum; and the following exhibitions are reviewed: Contemporary Hong Kong Art 2000, Janice Wanyee Leung’s mino-solo,and Double Space (held in Korea).

中國文化的幽靈 — 論《當代香港藝術2000 》- Anthony Leung – CHAN Kaiyin (陳啟賢)

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum: A Celebration of Culture Or a Cult of Heritage? – YEUNG Yang (楊陽)

無力的搖擺 – SO Yankei (蘇恩祺)

一次尋熊的經歷 — 記香港柏林當代文化節 – Christo

香港藝術家的韓國之旅《Double Space》 – Duoduo (都都)

碧瑤笛子 – Kith Takping TSANG (曾德平)