PS is published by Para/Site Art Space (Hong Kong).

In this issue, Kith Tsang, Yeung Yang and Jaspar Lau discuss the pressing issues concerning the current status of some international biennials/triennials. Ricky Yeung’s retrospective solo is enthusiastically reviewed by Chan King-fai, Christine Law, Allan Cheng, Yeung Yang, Alice Liu, Joyce Choi and Iris Law.

Pausing Dilemma of the 4th Gwangju Beinnale – TSANG Kith Takping (曾德平) 

Faraway! So Close? Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art 2002 – LAU Jaspar Kinwah (劉建華) 

PS_On Collaboration – YEUNG Yang (楊陽) 

Reading Documenta 11 (Against the Grain of Enwezor) – LAU Jaspar Kinwah (劉建華) 

On the Teaching Conception of Sir Yeung – CHAN Kingfai (陳景輝) 

Afterthoughts on the Artist Forum of the Red Twenty Years of Ricky Yeung Sau-churk – LAW Christine (羅秀茵) 

Afterthought on “The Red Twenty Years of Ricky Yeung Sau-churk” – CHENG Allan (鄭偉倫) 

Insert into the Red – YEUNG Yang (楊陽) 

Behind the Swearing – LIU Alice Shokhan (廖淑嫻) 

Planting the Trees – CHOI Joyce (蔡芷筠) 

Observation on the Red Twenty-years – LAW Iris (羅孟宜) 

Some Said – LEUNG Janice Wanyee (梁允怡) 

Toto’s Scribbles – TSANG Kith Takping (曾德平)