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Hui Serene Sze Lok: ‘Siren’ Performance

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Fri, 12 Aug 2022, 7–8pm
Fri, 19 Aug 2022, 7–8pm


Join artist Hui Serene Sze Lok for a special performance as part of her Scold, Gossip and Siren (A trilogy on feminine voice, word and song), on view in ‘Post-Human Narratives—In the Name of Scientific Witchery’. The music composition in Siren is based on a transcription, using musical notation, of speeches found from recordings whose vocalisations have not been recognised as belonging to any known human language. The source of the text is not visible but is played as a layer of undertone muttered below the melody. During a live performance the original voice recordings are played back in a speaker system while the musician follows the notation as closely as possible in unison or in chord variations. To perform this uncanny piece of musical score the musician will have to summon all precision from his musical practice, while he will have to put these trained abilities in an invisible power beyond recognisable human control.

Music performance: Isaac So

About the artist

Hui Serene Sze Lok (lives  in the Netherlands and Hong Kong) aims to reframe and rethink conditions of the contemporary through politically driven art-making and research in her artistic practice. She addresses obscurity and nuances by creating an ontological shift of displacement in her installations, live works, and writings. Her works often raise questions such as how one responds to, or what one can possibly get out of—the moment of conflict, estrangement, or resistance, whilst exploring the diverse meanings of its complex contents—questions of authorship, authenticity, and authority. In 2021, she released her first book-length publication May We Live In Interesting Times—The Politics and Poetics of Ambivalence. Her work has been exhibited and performed internationally, most recently at Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong (2021) and TENT, Rotterdam (2022). Hui is one of the selected artist-researchers for the Research Academy by Zurich University of the Arts (2022). She received her MA from The Royal Academy, The Hague.