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MEMORY COURT: the Soundings of Things

MEMORY COURT: the Soundings of Things
A semi-improvised lecture performance with sounds and objects
Created by Linda Chiu-han Lai with Longman Luk and Valerie Mak

16 September 2023 | 3–4pm | in Cantonese
23 September 2023 | 3–4pm | in English

Episode 1: Tree of Life in the Memory Garden | Episode 2: The Narrow Passage to truths | Episode 3: Forensics | Episode 4: Insights | Episode 5: Micro Narratives | Episode 6: Sand Adrift, Dust Afloat

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‘Memory Court’ is a material space to invoke the limits of interpretation and representational practices. Language becomes sounding. Bodies connect with sounds. Motions evolve in space into eclectic object events. Dialectic structures take over hermeneutic circles.

In six short episodes, ‘Memory Court’ is a performative response to Matteo Ricci’s ‘memory palace’, Aby Warburg’s non-verbal art history experiment Mnemosyne Atlas, Gerhard Richter’s anomic archive Atlas, Martha Rosler’s Semiotics of the Kitchen and Yvonne Rainer’s Trio A: the Mind is Muscle—all embodied in an assemblage event the artist has developed with the Floating Projects.

‘Memory Court’ is far from a cosy-intimate personal space. The artist thinks of it as a crime scene re-enacted with objects on trial while a court stenographer tenaciously records the multi-sensorial events with improvised strategies.

‘Memory Court’ could be a lecture performance, but it surely evolves into an object event, tangentially connected with the installations Tree of Life and Bamboo Percussive currently on view at ‘signals…瞬息’.