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PS Paid Studio Visits: Popo-post Art Group

Jun 10, 2020
9:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Zoom Meeting ID: 874 1313 9910
Password: 048758
In Cantonese
Hosted by Celia Ho, Para Site Assistant Curator/Project Manager


Formed in 2018, the Popo-Post Art Group take WhatsApp as their HQ, they were rejected by the physical comfort studio. In response to Hong Kong’s always burgeoning financial sector, they use idle and underrated spaces. They mix high-quality cultural cement and use it to fill up the slivers and gaps in this city. Popo-post art group main members are Lam kwok yam, Chung Wing Shan, Ma Wik, Lam Ka Man, Wong Chun Kit.

Aaron Lam kwok yam feels very angry and anxious. He is a fruit salesman now. When the business is bad, he especially wants to be an artist.

Chung Wing Shan bid farewell temporarily to her student life in 2018. She is now actively researching and developing the cement to fill up the cultural gaps and cracks in the city. She is the core member of “Popo-Post Arts Group”.

Ma Wik, 24yo fresh graduate from Academy of Visual Arts ( Link: :https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B_UMqVrlYk3KcmxwHRZn4ZGdaXtGWQEx/view?usp=sharing)
Emo, having a few moles on face that indicate I wont be starving for my entire life. I have nothing to say about my work, cause it will become a discussion on languages rather than the work itself.

Kaman Lam is probably looking for the middle position between painting and design, the website will tell you everything: www.lamkaman.com

Wong Chun Kit artwork has moved forward from politics to life. I mainly focused on the relationship between ‘art and life’, ‘life and society’ and ‘society and art’. But in recent years, I have discovered that everyone in Hong Kong is not living, but surviving. Therefore, my work changed from discussing “life” to “survival”, discussing the ‘art of survival’. I use “Issue Based Art” as the main method of art creation in recent years.