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Weekenders at Para Site | Story Time

Jun 20, 1998
8:00 pm


Para/Site Art Space, 2 Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan

Siu Fa, Shum Long Tin, Kang Ting Wa, Siu Sai


Speakers: Siu Fa (小花), Shum Long Tin, Kang Ting Wa (簡定華)

Moderator: Siu Sai (小西)


‘Gong gu jai’ (telling stories)? When the phrasegong gu jai’ is mentioned, would you immediately think of ‘Yung Su Tau’ (Public Square Street), ‘Tai Tat Dei’ (big empty square)’ or such saying as ‘to be continued’? Or would you picture a whole ground of bits of ‘roast peanuts’? This Saturday, the art practitioner Siu Fa and cultural practitioner Shum Long Tin and Kang Ting Wa brings to you an evening of stories. Siu Fa speaks about her grandfather and a strange case of murder, Shum Long Tin tells a story about Qu Yuan and Kang Ting Wa speaks about wildfire. Apart from strange and mysterious stories, the gong gu (storytelling) men and woman explore the possibilities of gong gu through different ways of storytelling.

Please come early this Saturday to grab a seat, you are welcome to bring your own ‘roast peanuts’.


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