‘C&G Critique Contest’ Winners

We’d like to thank everyone’s participation in the interactive installation by C&G Artpartment—‘C&G Critique Contest’—in the exhibition ‘Minding the G(r)a(s)p’, which concluded in August 2022. We’ve tallied the votes cast in the ‘C&G Critique Contest’ and the two winners are Jaspar Lau and Anthony Yung. Head below to revisit the two critiques.

Congratulations to the two winners who will each receive a signed edition by C&G, and thanks again to everyone who supported the exhibition!


Winning Entries

As a 

citizen that cares 

about Hong Kong Art, 

It is really hard 

to criticize C&G If I am to say, 

Should I say that they 

are old-fashioned?

Rejects to follow the trend?


Tackles problems in an easy manner?


Take things for granted?

Or vulgar?


Ugly? (Artworks, not people)


Might be a bit ugly


being beautiful 

Is it really

that important?

—Anthony Yung


It is super difficult to criticise C&G’s artworks? You think that overestimating yourself and undervaluing the power of art critiques with reverse psychology is on point just because it is meta vulgar humour? You call this the principle of creative works? You say that you want criticism but the prize is your own signed artwork. Why would anyone care when it is fundamentally useless to give criticism? Needless to say, those who can successfully make C&G listen are no longer art critics.

—Jaspar Lau