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Feb 7, 2001 – Feb 26, 2001
Para/Site Art Space
2 Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan
Opening Reception
Feb 7, 2001

Mark Chan Kam Lok, John Di Stefano, Doreen Etzler, Lara Kohl, Jamsen Law, Olive Leung, Fredric Moffet, Ellen Pau, Deborah Stratman, Mathias Woo


This exhibition of video works by artists from both Hong Kong and Chicago proposes varied looks at the city as a site of inspiration, backdrop, and transformation in a time of rapid global change. Both Chicago and Hong Kong are representative of contemporary global cities’ porousness of flows.

This exhibition asks how globalization (in its myriad manifestations) contaminates, and/or replicates the local. Although the term ‘globalization’ has been somewhat synonymous with capitalist expansionism, this exhibition wishes to displace this notion by looking at how visual culture has been both instrumental (literally) and antithetical to this characterization. In considering the specificities of the local, artists working in both these cities have much in common but also much that separate and differentiate them. By simultaneously focusing on both the ‘universality’ and the specificities of the local, Open Cities: HKG><ORD wishes to open up spaces in between as sites of contestation as well as identification. Conceptually, the exhibition looks at the social/personal aspects of globalization and its ramifications as expressed through screen culture and as contained within/by the city.


This exhibition is curated by Johnson Chang, John Di Stefano, Elaine Ng, and Ellen Pau; and partly supported Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Videotage, and Hanart TZ Gallery.


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Feb 16 to Mar 17, 2001
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Touring Exhibition

PRESS MATERIAL (2001/EX_3/BOX 1/1, 2001/EX_3/BOX 1/2)

exhibition catalogue (2001/ex_3/box 20/16)

video documentation (2001/ex_3/box 23/15)