Diamond & Rust

Apr 19, 2003 – May 11, 2003
Para/Site Art Space
2 Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan
Opening Reception
Apr 18, 2003
6:00 - 8:00pm

Wong Choi Fung, Choi Yuk yuk, Tam Kwan Hong, Eric Hui, Viki , Fei Fei


Since their impassioned campaign against evictions and demolitions in Tai Hom last year (2002), Videopower advocates have not been content with just screening and publishing their records of events. OK, then, let’s stir it up: demolitions in this city proceed on an unprecedented scale, with buildings disappearing, appearing, and disappearing rapidly. But hold on, what does ‘man’ and ‘land’ actually mean?

Videopower intends, by all means, to encase Para Site with iron sheets, bags, iron mesh, government notices, and stamp it with the death sentence ‘Demolition’. Former elderly Tai Hom residents will be invited to perform their old tricks again, but this time no one can hinder their way home anymore.

Eric, however, is not satisfied with the exhibition venue and is determined to return to the original site. Playing the role of ‘Matchmaker’, he shall introduce/connect Tai Hom to Para Site using ‘red thread’. But for such an ambitious idea, can he really manage with just a single strand of red thread?

And continuing the story of the Tai Hom Underworld (a theme began in a previous project), Cat will make some pipe constructions to worm its way through the Space, together with some worthless looking historical artifacts.

Goose, on the other hand rather likes the idea of Para Site as a last-standing fortress that resists being sold and rebuilt. He plans to turn Para Site and its neighbourhood into a venue for installation. Therefore, Para Site, Wanchai, Hunghom, Shamshuipo are all no different from Tai Hom, indeed.

Gogo wants to ‘destroy’ the established Li’s Property, by dipping models of Cheung Kong’s skyscrapers into a container of acid. Those who dare get a prize!

The Flying Man asks what sound do you see? What is the world you hear?

It’s really none of your business! Not my business? So whose? Mine? Why?

The Sophisticated Bear is going to hold a high angled, silent 3D screening. It is his way to express his thoughts….

Phoenix has caged herself, asking herself why not do what she already knows…….

She will build a home at Para Site, and exhibit herself eating… excreting… washing… clothing… playing… sleeping.


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