Germaine Koh: STALL

May 28, 2004 – Jun 20, 2004
Para/Site Art Space
2 Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan
Opening Reception
May 28, 2004
6:00 - 8:00pm

Germaine Koh


Established but young Asian Canadian artist Germaine Koh has developed sensitivity to different cultures through her extensive exhibition career in different countries. Her work addresses issues of subtle perceptions of different situations and the politics of everyday life. She develops new work in response to the physical site of Para Site Art Space and the social-cultural situation of Hong Kong. Koh has exhibited in international biennales in Montreal and Sydney.

Germaine Koh, an internationally acclaimed visual artist from Canada, exhibit STALL at Para Site Art Space. Koh has exhibited extensively in solo and group exhibitions throughout Europe, Canada, USA, Australia, Asia and Mexico. Her conceptually-driven works are informed by her observations of everyday life, familiar objects, and common places. STALL is a combination of several installation works, including new site-specific pieces, offering an interesting look at the interconnected relationship between various types of commercial transactions.

In the work, Stall, grass sprouting from wooden stepped structures resembling market stands occupy the gallery, whereby the unevenness of grass catches the natural ambience of the space. While making reference to commercial cycles of production and consumption, Stall takes the gallery space out of that cycle of urgency, in favour of a natural process of organic growth.

A new installation, involving hundreds of recycled bottles constructed in a formation uniquely pertinent to the cityscape of Hong Kong occupies the first floor gallery.

Each of these exciting works, which references various types of commercial transactions, distills an action or a movement. By slowing down the processes of transaction, STALL reveals a different time scale; one that is organic, quiet, and relaxing, shown in marked contrast to the demanding pace of the commercial nature of the world we live in. Each work will surprise the viewers in an unexpected twist by slowing down or drawing out each of these processes.


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