Ghost Encounter

Sep 3, 1997 – Sep 21, 1997
Para/Site Art Space
2 Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan

Ching Chin Wai, Ho Siu Kee, Leung Chi Wo, Tim Li, Sit Lik Hoi, Kacey Wong


Ghost Encounter is an exhibition about ghosts. Most of the artists involved in this exhibition tend to think in a scientific way and choose “technology as their style in creation.”

The venue that the ghost encounter happens was set up as a *normal* domestic environment which consisted of a rest room, dinning room, a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, a corridor and so on. But almost all of the fittings and furnishes had been manipulated in some ways. There was something going around but nothing would be found.

The curator, Chan Yuk Keung explains that he tries to illustrate the paradox between taking ghost as a sign of superstition and technology as a tool to break up superstition.

The process of science in the theme cannot prove any preposition nor truth. It can only be an experiment which is bound to fail.

Nevertheless, it would be an interesting game.

From this point of view, procedure is treated as the ultimate aim of art, rather than means to reveal the truth or to prove certain prepositions.

The difficulties in this exhibition may not lie in the search for fascinating possibilities between imagination and definition. But instead, in how to conclude from numerous divergent ideas.

Visual artists are always supposed to be self-oriented and they can manage the whole process of art making. How to unite every single part of the exhibition to form a complete entity puts the artists into the test, i.e. to see if they can sacrifice their self-orientedness for one rather wholeness.


The exhibition is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.


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exhibition catalogue (1997/ex_5/box 3/5)

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