Wo Man: Feminine Art

Nov 3, 2001 – Dec 16, 2001
Old Ladies House
Calcada da lgreja de S. Lazaro
Opening Reception
Nov 3, 2001
3:00 - 6:00pm

Bing Bing, Caroline Leung, Chung Hau Ching, Fok Sui Tong, Joey Ho Chongi, Rita Hui Nga Shu, Kan Pui Yan, Ivy Ma King Chu, Katherin Lai, GiGi Lee Yee Kee, Carol Lee Mei Kuen, Leung Mee Ping, Janice Leung Wan Yee, Evelyna Liang Yee Woo, Lo Yuen Ki, Ada Lui, Phoebe Man Ching Ying, Patrick Lee, Sin Yuen, Kith Tsang Tak Ping, Miranda Tsui Ngai, Sara Wong Chi Hang, Carment Wong Yim Ping


Like the name Wo Man, this show appears to be of woman art, but the works are beyond expectations. Some are super-stereotyped feminist works that question stereotypes themselves. Some works made by woman artists bear no trace of the feminine. Some works which look very feminine were actually made by male artists. Above all, most artists put the gender issue aside and do what they believe – since femininity is fluid, whatever they make is feminist art. There are no radical feminists in the show. Most treat feminist theories as references to living instead of artistic intention.

The Wo Man participants mainly come from two shows—Girls Thing and Ma’am’s Box. Both curated shows aim at rethinking of women’s role in society. Most of them are emergent artists. Other participants are active artists from Hong Kong and Macau. We also have three male artists whose art is not bounded by their sex. The strong character and long history of the exhibition space ‘Old Ladies House’ are inspiring.

This exhibition is part of the Macau Fringe Festival 2001.


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exhibition catalogue (2001/ex_16/box 1/2)