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#3 HASS the Educators

Aug 20, 2023
2:30 pm – 5:30 pm


10B, Wing Wah Industrial Building
Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

Participants: HASS Lab members, Mr Ng Chin Hung (a primary school visual arts teacher, HKSEA executive committee member), Ms Charlotte Lau (Head of Visual Arts Panel, Marymount Primary School)
Language: Cantonese
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What better way to experience how students learn visual arts than to take a live visual arts class? In the first half of the event, we have invited young visual arts teachers, Mr. Ng and Miss Lau, to conduct a 90-minute visual arts lesson with the teaching materials they have used for fifth grade students. After the class, we will share our observations and feelings as imagined by primary school students, and discuss with Mr. Ng, Miss Lau, and other visual art teacher about the various forms of visual arts education that can be experimented on and practiced in contemporary society. The work of HASS Lab members made in the class and excerpts from the conversation with teachers will be displayed in the exhibition ‘signals…here and there’.