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Art Criticism Class 2000

Feb 17, 2000
May 5, 2000


Para/Site Art Space, 2 Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan

There are a lot of local visual artworks, but they often lack follow up discussions and communications; discussions on paper are even more insufficient, which led to the discourse on local visual arts to suffer from long-term ‘malnutrition’. The class aims to conduct continuous art education, from describing the composition and feeling of artwork, to the relationship between art and various social phenomena and contexts. Through workshops and peer reviews, students will be able to refine their writing skills and to evaluate visual arts.

The class is divided into twelve lessons, which take place every Thursday from 6:30pm at Para Site Art Space. The programme is coordinated by Kith Tsang Tak Ping, Anthony Leung Po Shan, William Cheung, and Chan Kai Yin.


More materials are available to view on site at Para Site. 

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Event leaflet (2000/pro_5/box 13/2)

Audio recording (Host: Kith Tsang, Anthony Leung, William Cheung, and Chan Kai Yin) (Duration: 1:01:21) (2000/pro_5/box 9/3)

Audio recording (Host: William Cheung) (Duration: 1:28:33) (2000/pro_5/office/7)

Audio recording (Host: Yeung Yang) (Duration: 1:56:35) (2000/pro_5/office/8)

Audio recording (Host: Anthony Leung) (Duration: 1:33:59) (2000/pro_5/office/9)

Audio recording (Duration: 2:00:41) (2000/pro_5/office/10)