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Book Launch: Para/Site 1996-2008 & CHiE!

Dec 7, 2008


Para/Site Art Space, 4 Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan

Para Site Art Space is proud to announce the launch of two publications: Para/Site 1996-2008 and the exhibition catalogue CHiE!.

Para/Site 1996-2008 reflects Para Site Art Space’s 12-year history and the environment that affected Para Site through a collection of essays. The editor of the book Phoebe Man said, “It reveals the survival tactics of a non-government art space. How does Para Site Art Space deal with crisis and opening up new opportunities? What did a local art organization do when facing local and international challenges? This book is a clue to understand the visual art ecology in Hong Kong and provide reference for the new comers to start their own art spaces.”

Phoebe Man, also the member of the Broad Directors said Para Site Art Space has experienced a lot in the past years. It is time to publish this book to reflect and share the experience with others. Para Site Art Space is the first artist run art space supported by the Arts Development Council. (It is now a curator run art space.) They grasped the chance of the birth of Hong Kong Arts Development Council, suggested new thinking to the Council and were set up. They found the resource from the society to support the development of Hong Kong Contemporary Art and to meet the needs of the Hong Kong art ecology. There is no precedent for this kind of organization under this special circumstance. They are moving steadily forward and exploring new paths at the same time.

How did they talk about their history? Phoebe believes that neither monotone, linear nor authoritative style is suitable for commenting an open and organic organization like Para Site Art Space. This book has adapted a one- people- one- story style. We are open to different versions and different perspectives. Tim Li and Kith Tsang talked about the core value of Para Site Art Space. Jeff Leung, Tobias Berger and I discussed the modification of working direction and shared experiences on managing issues. We also invited authors like Jaspar Lau and Kacey Wong to send in reflections on exhibitions that Para Site Art Space has mostly held. Experts from both local and aboard like Oscar Ho, Jonathan Thomson and Brett Jones, are invited to analysis the international and local environment that affected Para Site Art Space.

The book is designed by tamshui:\ who has been Para Site Art Space’s “unofficial” designer for the most part of the existence of this art space. The book also includes a guide to the events and exhibitions since 2001, from its exhibition Precipitation, a water, sound and light installation by Kith Tsang Tak Ping, Wong Hung Fei and Peter Stuart to Para Site’s participation in Hong Kong-Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture.

CHiE! is a catalogue for the year-end exhibition curated by the students of Para Site Art Space – Hong Kong Jockey Club Curatorial Training Programme. This publication marks the completion of the first edition of this training programme. The catalogue has been designed by Alexandre Ouairy. A poster is enclosed in the book. The book is edited by the two participants of the training programme, Jessie Chang and Jaspar Lau Kin Wah, as well as Christina Li. It reflects the exhibition hosted at Osage Foundation earlier this year. The project CHiE! – Culture sieges Politics exists not in a vacuum but within a variety of contexts such as curatorial, artistic, social-political and so forth. It embodies traces of concepts of connection, disharmony, multiple identities etc. Inspired by the different people the participants encountered during the curatorial training program and project research. The English title CHiE! is a word play on Che (Ernesto Che Guevara), the Latin American revolutionary figure, whereas the Chinese title of CHiE! is a quotation from Bull Tsang when he talked about the Citizen’s Radio that he managed. “Chie” also appeared in the animation film of McDull, Prince de la Bun, in which the certain proper Putonghua pronounication for students ended up indistinguished from a common Cantonese expression of dissatifaction.

This event is a participation of Para Site Art Space in Art Sunday.


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