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Double-Slaps-in-the-Face Award Ceremony


Para Site
22/F, Wing Wah Ind. Building, 677 King's Road
Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

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The fourth artist panel for ‘Minding the G(r)a(s)p’ will be a remote live vote count with C&G Artpartment, for their interactive installation C&G Critique Contest. Curator Celia Ho will host the event and announce the two critiques who have received the most votes, and who will be presented with a prize. In the discussion portion, C&G Artpartment will reflect on the eighteen critiques submitted and, together with the curator, delve into whether the criticism is ‘valid’. The audience is invited to join the conversation. We will also announce the winner of C&G’s other interactive installation Indoor Charcoal Drawing of the REAL Hong Kong Contest. The artists will share their experience collaborating with the public in the hope of leaving anecdotal evidence for Hong Kong art history. The panel will be in Cantonese.

About the artists

C&G (Clara CHEUNG; Gum CHENG Yee Man) are two Hong Kong artists who founded the art space C&G Artpartment in Hong Kong in 2007. With a strong concern over the local art ecology, C&G uses their art to respond to social and cultural issues. Their essential goal is to fill up the cracks in the current art scene, and allow C&G Artpartment to become an art space for idea exchange. In the past fifteen years, C&G Artpartment has curated more than 100 exhibitions that included more than 120 local artists to respond to the social and cultural issues in Hong Kong. C&G has participated in various international art events, including the Singapore Biennale (2019) and Shanghai Biennale (2018). C&G Artpartment closed its physical space in Hong Kong in August 2021, and relocated to the United Kingdom in late 2021 to keep fighting for their artistic freedom and to encourage others to make art critically.