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‘Fanatic Heart’ Perfume Workshop and Sharing Session with Ching Chan

Feb 25, 2023
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm


Para Site
22/F, Wing Wah Ind. Building, 677 King's Road
Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

In this workshop, ‘Fanatic Heart’ curator Cusson Cheng will join Ching Chan to discuss how scent fosters imagination and fantasy, and how perfume brands utilise this ‘animalistic’ inducement in celebrity endorsement to entice fans to buy the particular fragrance. This marketing strategy operates on one of two assumptions: that fans seek to emulate their idols through scent, or that fans seeks to create intimacy with their idols through scent—even if the association between a scent and its endorser is at times attenuated. The workshop will be an olfactory exercise that invites the participants to smell different fragrance samples in order to disentangle the relationship between what/who a scent evokes in different users vis-a-vis what/who certain brands seek to portray with their fragrance products.


Ching Chan

Fragrance enthusiast, writer, and blogger. She has run her own blog for five years, translating scents into mental images using words. She’s been buying fragrances since secondary school, and spends too much money on them now. With the belief that scents reflect individual natures, she developed her own scent-matching service to help people find the scent meant for them.