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Groups and Collectives – The Internal and External Mechanism of Being Together

Sep 21, 2019
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm


Antonio Mak Hin-yeung Education Room, Para Site

Moderated by Lee Kai Chung, member of Archive of the People.


Why do people come together?

What kind of support are we looking for in a group/collective?

Why/how do we have to maintain the relationship?

How do we keep our individuality and at the same time contribute to groups?

Do we embrace hierarchy in the collective?

Is there an owner?

How do we resolve conflicts and disagreements?

How do collectives cement their solidarity?

Do you feel lonely in a collective?


The discussion will be conducted in English.


Through research, social participation and engagement, Lee Kai Chung considers the individual gesture as a form of political and artistic transgression, which resonates with existing narratives of history.     

“Group discussion and inspiration always happens during coffee breaks.” This is the most distinct memory and experience of the members of Archive of the People, all the way back to 2016 when they started operation.

During the exhibition, the three members of Archive of the People–Lee Kai-chung, Michelle Lee Ho Wing and Vicky Do–will each start an intimate, casual conversation using their respective works as a platform. They invite participants as friends to enter a discussion and share memories about reading, coffee shops and working together. Three blends of cold drip coffee will also be offered during the discussions as a team-building exercise. Members of the Archive will each pick a variety of coffee beans, and taste-test them in different proportions to create a unique coffee-sharing experience.