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Mutual Aid Fundraiser for MARTYR


Eaton HK
380 Nathan Road
Kowloon, Hong Kong

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Para Site presents a mutual aid fundraiser event featuring audio visual performance and live music/ DJ sets. The event will kickstart with sharing from the artists duo Enzo Camacho and Ami Lien with their close collaborators, musician-composers Alyana Cabral and Sara Rivera from the Filipino SAKA collective. During the sharing session, they will introduce the solidarity peasant campaigns in Negros, Philippines where the artists have been researching since 2017 and a representative from Hong Kong Campaign For Human Rights and Peace in the Philippines will also share their experience in Hong Kong. The session will also include a live performance by Alyana Cabral. An after party with live music & DJ sets will follow, featuring Alyana Cabral and special guests Xs Gacha, Baby Diwata, and Loveless from the local Hong Kong music scene. 

All proceeds from this mutual aid fundraiser will support the Mothers and Relatives Against Tyranny and Repression (MARTYR), an organisation based on Negros Island, Philippines. MARTYR was formed in 1985 by parents and relatives of victims of human rights abuses under the Marcos regime. It is engaged mainly in organising survivors and victims’ relatives to support each other and actively participate in the pursuit of justice.

Tickets are on a sliding scale for greater accessibility with standard Price tickets are at HK$250 (plus processing fees). A limited number of Reduced Price tickets, and the option to purchase extra tickets for the migrant community to join, are also available. For more details, please refer to the registration form on Eventbrite.

8:00-9:45pm @ Kino (1/F, Eaton HK)

Sharing by artists Enzo Camacho, Ami Lien and Sara Rivera (SAKA collective representative) and Live performance by Alyana Cabral (visuals by Enzo Camacho and Ami Lien)

10pm til late @ Music Room (4/F, Eaton HK)

Live Music & DJ sets by Xs Gacha, Baby Diwata and Loveless

(visuals by Winsome Dumalagan Wong)

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About the Guests

Sara Rivera 

Sara Rivera was born in Kuala Belait in 1995. She is a visual artist and community organiser based in Manila. Her works are informed by her informal and formal encounters as an archivist–exploring histories and materialities and the ways in which we organise them. Sara’s ongoing research is focused on women, land, and resistance. Recently, she was a resident fellow of the 21/22 Sommerakademie Paul Klee (SPK) program hosted by the Bern University of the Arts HKB. She is co-convenor of SAKA (Artist Alliance for Genuine Agrarian Reform and Rural Development).



Hong Kong Campaign For Human Rights and Peace in the Philippines (HKCAHRPP) is a network of non-Filipinos and Filipinos based in Hong Kong that raises awareness and works in solidarity from Hong Kong to promote peace and human rights in the Philippines.


Alyana Cabral

Alyana Cabral, AKA T33G33, is a multidisciplinary artist, producer and DJ from the Philippines. Through a haunting combination of voice and synthesis, Alyana uses their music to advocate for substantive change regarding both human rights and gender-related issues. Hailing from the underground rave and electronic music scenes in Manila, T33G33 is part of grassroots efforts to create safe spaces within local communities immersed in dance culture. She is affiliated with ELEPHANT, a queer party series advocating for safe spaces for queer people, and SAKA, an artist-activist alliance for genuine agrarian reform and food security. Their live performance practice can be described as ambient electronica, avant pop, experimental R&B, and spiritual deconstructed club. Their music addresses colonialism and third world people’s struggles as well as the oppression of women.


Xs Gacha

In the city, find a corner where Xs Gacha, through the combination of male and female voices in the form of chanting, expresses Lilly and Treasure Autumn’s unique languages and melodies. The music and textual messages within it include the creation and dissolution of different boundaries. Xs Gacha’s live performance exists somewhere between watching a movie and a theatrical performance. The shadows behind the curtain are in a semi-present state, and the balance between visuals and music allows for a flexible reception. The audience members themselves interchange their identities, blurring the boundaries. At times, they become interpreters of visual poetry, while at other times they are visitors unable to contain their screams or shedding tears of joy. Xs Gacha uses the beats per minute of boom bap and trip hop as the foundation for their writing. During the pandemic, apart from sunbathing, exercising, and waiting, Lilly and Treasure Autumn spent their time in their room, piecing together their debut album like assembling a puzzle. They have also maintained their enthusiasm for the community and transformed solidified experimental records, exerting their utmost efforts to bring about a subtle blend of reality and illusion.


Baby Diwata

Baby Diwata is a Manila-born visual artist and DJ who began her sonic journey in Hong Kong, where she has since shared the decks at the homegrown stages of Slimefest and Duchessland, made club appearances at Social Room, as well as partook in events by Manila Community Radio and Eaton. Her genre-fluid selections are tender yet unrelenting—an eclectic mix of Hyperpop, Baile Funk, Hard Dance and everything in between. Diwata beckons you to mend your tiny little heart on the dance floor. <33



Loveless is one of many aliases of a Hong Kong born creative. Influenced by their grassroots upbringing, despair and abrasive music, Loveless brings a mix of gabber, hardcore and noise that belongs to the non-conforming. They appeared previously at Slimefest, Duchessland, 宀 Club, and in the back of the club.


Winsome Wong Dumalagan 

Winsome Wong Dumalagan mainly works in videography and the sculpting of images. Through moving along with her camera, composing and sculpting the texture and rhythm of images, she believes that art helps guide her to comprehend and step into daily life. Therefore, most of her works are about her daily life and people around her, leading her works to be created in different cultural contexts along her mobility. Sometimes she credits that the sources of her works are the people around her and that she acts as an ‘agent’ or ‘co-creator’ of the works.