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PS.SCREEN | Hong Kong Master

Oct 31, 2018
7:15 pm

Hong Kong Master
Directed by Leung Chung Man
2017 | 70 mins | Cantonese with English subtitles


For this special Halloween PS.Screen, we will be showing sci-fi drama film Hong Kong Master, directed by Leung Chung Man, known for his previous cult flick Gwangong vs. Alien 關公大戰外星人 (2011).

Hong Kong Master is set in the year 2047 in Hong Kong, the 50th year since Basic Law was enacted in the city. Advancement in surveillance, forensic, and weapons technology has enabled the government to almost completely eradicate all crime and associated syndicates, keeping Hong Kong under constant watch. The remaining 1% of criminals and triad groups linger within the shadows or have disappeared into civilian life.

The film follows an ex-leader of the gang Dragon of the Four Seas, Chan Hotung, who is being persecuted by his long lost nemesis, now head of major tech company East Star, Kurou. To defeat this overpowering enemy, Chan goes in search for help from the legendary Hong Kong Master, known to have weapons and knowledge that merges technology and feng shui. Using the teachings and other-worldly weapons that Hong Kong Master gives them, Chan and his brothers put their lives on the line to defend their homeland. The ultimate battle for Hong Kong ensues.

All are welcome to attend. To RSVP and view the official trailer, please click here.

Special thanks to Leung Chung Man and Eddie Hung.