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Replay, Pause, Echo: Sensory Workshops

Jun 7, 2024
8:00 pm – 9:00 pm


Para Site
22/F, Wing Wah Ind. Building, 677 King's Road
Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

Created and facilitated by Rolly Yang


‘Soft breath’ sessions:
Saturday 1 June 2024 | 4–5pm | Cantonese
Friday 7 June 2024 | 8–9pm | English

‘Sounding Lines’ sessions:
Friday 28 June 2024 | 8–9pm | Cantonese
Sunday 30 June 2024 | 6–7pm | English


RSVP required here.

Each session serves up to 10 participants. To ensure we can provide the best possible experience, please indicate any special needs at the time of your registration.


What memories, desires, and burdens do we confide in the silent embrace of objects? In what orbits do we place ourselves, near or far from others?

The Workshops are a series of guided engagements with Para Site’s current exhibitions, ‘Soft breath’ and ‘Sounding Lines’, inspecting entanglements and interrelations in various means. Participants are invited to reflect on their personal experiences, take a moment to reset, and interact with the constellations of works using one’s own system of senses. The workshops unfold a unique dialogue with each exhibition.

In and around ‘Soft breath’, we delve into the intertwining realms of our mindscapes and surroundings. Guided by meditative exercises, slow looking, and interaction with various objects, we create private spaces for conversations with ourselves.

The sessions at ‘Sounding Lines’ focus on improvised body movement. Through acts of navigating, marking, and measuring, we contemplate our habit of setting boundaries and the connections within our interpersonal relationships.

About the facilitator

Rolly Yang

Rolly Yang graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong Department of Social Work with a Master of Social Science in Social Work. She has many years of experience in social services organisations, particularly in areas of community organising and building, community education, as well as community art. Since 2021, she has focussed on creative arts education and body movement, and is now a freelance creative arts educator, community facilitator, improvisational dancer, and  body movement  instructor.

In her recent work with various organisations, schools, and collectives, she has dedicated herself to a person-centered humanistic approach that encompasses syllabus design, project management, interdisciplinary collaboration, and her personal creative output. With experience in both behind-the-scenes and frontline work, she transforms education through creative and collaborative teaching to promote the potential for autonomous learning.

She is currently preparing to launch her holistic educational platform ‘Howeverwellness’, which seeks to harness the body’s energy to maintain daily care and mental stability, as well as to record contemporary ways for bodily and mental coexistence through creating and sharing.