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Single Disco Ball: A talk by Sharmini Pereira and a roundtable discussion

Aug 13, 2017
3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Para Site and Small Tune Press are pleased to present a Sunday afternoon gathering inviting individuals and independent organisations to discuss the various micro systems relating to the production, dissemination and understanding of artist books, zines and other printed materials.

In the early 1960s, there was a proliferation of artists’ books, in the contemporary notion, influenced by trends in the art world. The improvements in technology at this time, not only enabled economic access to produce these books, but also played into the idea of an “independent” form of art, empowering artists to control the production and distribution of these objects. Since then and through to the present, artists’ books have continued to be made, as well as to be misunderstood, owing to their indefinable status. The shifting nature of the contemporary artist’s book has allowed it to adapt with each new wave of ideas. This malleability of form confirms the artist book as a valid form of experimentation and innovation free from boundaries or definitions.

On this Sunday event, we will gather practitioners from different parts of the world, to explore the possibilities of the artists’ book. Para Site’s current resident curator, Sharmini Pereira, will give a talk focusing on a selection of Raking Leaves’ projects. In her talk, she will consider how these projects contribute to and raise awareness of the historical phenomena of artist’s books.

Following Pereira’s talk, there will be a roundtable discussion considering various models and case studies of independent art publishing and books as a form of curation in Hong Kong and Taipei. Speakers including Sharmini Pereira (Raking Leaves, Sri Lanka), Michael Leung (Artist/Designer, Hong Kong), Beatrix Pang (Small Tune Press, Hong Kong) and Freya Chou (YiBen Book, Taipei).

In parallel to the talks, a pop-up art book fair will be open to the public. For those who are interested in displaying and selling their artist books, zines and printed materials, please register at info@para-site.art before August 11.



Para Site Art Space is financially supported by the Art Development Matching Grants Pilot Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

The content of these activities does not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

About the collaborator

Small Tune Press (STP), initiated by Hong Kong artist Beatrix Pang, is an independent art publisher focusing on producing contemporary limited edition artists’ book and zines, with an emphasis on curatorial and editorial work, graphic design and production, distribution and various exchange and education programs.

STP has collaborated with various groups of people ranging from artists, art institutions and educators to labourers, musicians, farmers, migrant workers, sexual minorities and many more. STP has participated in book fairs in Berlin, Taipei and Shanghai. Recently, STP has been working in partnership with several zine makers to form a ZINE COOP group, aiming to create zines and promote zine culture to general audiences.