Power Naps Post

‘Do I take a power nap? What are the risks? How much rest and power can I get and what will I do with them? Power Naps Post departs from these questions and builds a community of writers contemplating power naps. Rooted in the specific contexts of Borneo, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Kinshasa, London, Manila, Sheffield and Sumatra, their writings address what it means to pause and access power in terms of electricity, energy, land rights and workers’ rights. They also divert to many known and strange things, such as herbs, orangutans, mythical creatures, banana boxes, net noise, farewell, death and limbo. The protagonists in the writings make light, wander, swim and hoard.

Power Naps Post Volume 1 Number 3 is a 88-page publication, with texts by artists, art historians and cultural workers, including C&G Artpartment (Clara Cheung & Gum Cheng Yee Man), Lesley-Anne Cao, Wing Chan, Lyra Garcellano, A.X. Ledesma, Eileen Legaspi Ramirez, Di Liu, Lani Maestro, Arianna Mercado, Cédrick Nzolo & Dominique Malaquais, and Michelle W T Wong. Also featured are a quote from Luke Ching Chin Wai and photography by South Ho Siu Nam.

It was released within the scope of the ‘signals…瞬息’ (18 March–29 September 2023) exhibition series, organised by Para Site, Hong Kong and curated by Billy Tang and Celia Ho. The first two issues are accessible on www.para-site.art.’

—Wing Chan

Power Naps Post is available by donation with a suggested price of HKD150. Pick up a copy at Para Site the next time you come visit.

Power Naps Post, Volume 1 Number 3, October 2023

Editor: Wing Chan
Contributors: C&G Artpartment (Clara Cheung & Gum, Cheung Yee Man), Lesley-Anne Cao, Wing Chan, Lyra Garcellano, South Ho, A.X. Ledesma, Eileen Legaspi Ramirez, Di Liu, Lani Maestro, Dominique Malaquais, Arianna Mercado, Cédrick Nzolo, Michelle Wong
Design: Geoff Han, Immanuel Yang
Copyediting: Jason Chen, Kelly Ma

Cover image: South Ho, untitled, 2023

All text © the authors; all images © the artists and photographers