Macau | PS: Visual Arts and Culture (No. 16; Spring 2002)

In this issue, with contribution from Anthony Leung, Chan Kai Yin, Phoebe Man, Kit and Verbal, the contemporary art scene of Macau is featured. Concerning exhibition reviews, Norman Jackson Ford offers his views on Constructed Reality: Conceptual Photography from Beijing, Tse Ming Chong on Frontline Focus 2000, and Yan Pat To on The Gravity of the Immaterial which was the inaugural exhibition of the Institute of Contemporary Artin Taipei. Besides, Siu Yuen Tze gives a short critique on the museum experience and museum docent services provided by museums in Hong Kong.

Old Ladies House – Re Incarnating Old Ladies Aesthetics – Anthony Poshan LEUNG (梁寶山)

On a Few Works in Old Ladies House – Macau – MAN Phoebe Chingying (文晶瑩)

Talking about Love in Macau – CHAN Kaiyin (陳啟賢)

“Art Installation is Easy to See” – Santa Casa de Misericordia – Kit

Chilled Lemon Tea – Verbal

Re-structuring the Real: Recent Lens-based Work from Beijing – FORD Norman Jackson (傅德明)

導賞機與導賞員 – Siu Yuen Tze (小玄子)

Frontline Focus 2000 – Umpires Playing Football – TSE Mingchong (謝明莊)

The Shift of Heaviness and Lightness – A Short Critique on …The Gravity of the Immaterial – YAN Patto (甄拔濤)