Jul 2, 2018 – Jul 21, 2018

Artist-in-Residence: Mihai Lukács

Mihai Lukács (n.1980) is a theatre director, performer, theorist. Lukacs holds a PhD in comparative gender studies from Central European University Budapest with a thesis on the male hysteria of the modernist directors Stanislavsky, Meyerhold, and Artaud. His latest performative works include Kali Tras/The Black Fear (2018), Bambina, The Queen of Flowers (2017), blue/orange (2017), Who Killed Szomna Grancsa? (2017),  Public Humiliation # 1-3 (2013), Queer Worker (2013), etc. These practices look respectively at the relationship between the Romani people and the gadje (non-Roma), public humiliation, sexual liberation, faith and exclusion, forced evictions and homelessness, and generally speak about vulnerability, weaknesses, and inter-subjectivity. He is currently writing a book about Romani slavery abolitionism and modernity.