May 15 – Jul 25
Para Site & Soho House Hong Kong
Opening Reception
Opening 14 May

Participating artists to be announced soon

Curators: Cosmin Costinas, Larys Frogier, Celia Ho, Anqi Li, Billy Tang, and Xu Tiantian
Collaborators: Biljana Ciric and Mathieu Copeland


Para Site and Rockbund Art Museum are thrilled to continue their fruitful cooperation, started in 2019 with the exhibition An Opera For Animals shown at RAM in Shanghai, with the exhibition Curtain opening in May 2021 at Para Site in Hong Kong. The exhibition is part of a long-term art project spanning multiple geographies, articulating different visual/performative formats, research projects, and institutional collaborations. From the mundane materiality of the curtain as a domestic object to its uses in scenography within different cultural contexts, from its qualities of porosity and opacity to its contemporary materialization in new electronic devices (phones, computer screens, AI, etc.), Curtain unfolds artistic and conceptual references to passages, frontiers, separations, connections, occupations, circulations, localities. Going beyond the physical definition of an exhibition, Curtain expands the dialogue with artists and critical practitioners from other social and cultural fields. Due to the pandemic situation and social distancing safety measures Curtain will happen as an exhibition from 14 May to 25 July 2021, with other performative and collective learning events planned for a post-pandemic future.