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Filmic Mediations: Artists’ Sharing

Jan 2, 2022
4:30 pm – 5:30 pm


Para Site
22/F, Wing Wah Ind. Building, 677 King's Road
Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

Sun, 2 Jan 2022
With Herman Chan Ho Wang, Rannie Ip Ka Man, Hou Lam Tsui, and Winsome Wong Dumalagan
Moderated by Celia Ho (Para Site Curator)


Join Herman Chan Ho Wang, Rannie Ip Ka Man, Hou Lam Tsui, and Winsome Wong Dumalagan for the first artist exchange of ‘Noble Rot’ Part One. Each artist will be invited to discuss shared interests on the cultural politics of memory and history, body and gender, and labour and family in the context of each new commission. How does the body act as a canvas for cartographies of postcolonial trauma without scarring it once again? In what ways can the staging of humans as surveilled objects and sheer surplus value conversely weaken the state’s gaze? For video, screen, and time-based practitioners, narratives of domination do not remain static; the mediation of the filmic picture also shifts the relations of power embedded in each account and every subsequent retelling. Quotidian places, events, and objects lose and regain affective and political meaning as surfaces on which images are projected become layered if not distorted and deconstructed. The session will be moderated by Para Site Curator Celia Ho.

About the Artists

Herman Chan Ho Wang

Herman Chan Ho Wang (b.1998, Hong Kong) graduated from the School of Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong in 2020. His art practice focuses on photography, especially documentary photography. His work revolves around the politics of photography, social phenomena, suffering, and relations of power. He has been taking street photographs since he was 18. As an observer on the street, he sees social injustice and speaks out against them via the medium of photography. In his works, he is often presented as a bystander, while he assumes the role of participant sometimes.


Rannie Ip Ka Man

Rannie Ip Ka Man (b.1997, Hong Kong) focuses on self-exploration and self-reflection in her family relationships. Her practice often centers upon video and photography with found objects and archival materials. She graduated with a BFA with Honors in Cinematic Design and Photographic Digital Art in 2021.


Hou Lam Tsui

Hou Lam Tsui (b.1997, Hong Kong) is a Hong Kong-based artist. Tsui received a BA in Fine Art and History of Art at the University of Leeds in 2018. Her practice centres around personal experience, gender politics, boundaries, and peripheral storytelling. She also writes poems.


Wong Winsome Dumalagan

Wong Winsome Dumalagan (b.1994, San Fernando, the Philippines) mainly works on videography and the sculpting of images. In moving along with her camera, composing and sculpting the texture and rhythm of images, she believes that art helps guide her in comprehending and stepping into daily life. Therefore, her practice is primarily about daily life and the people around her. Creating works as she moves around different cultural contexts such as Cambodia, the Philippines, and Hong Kong, she explores the authority of images and artworks, and acts as an ‘agent’ or ‘co-creator’ with people around her. She’s a member of Floating Projects Collective.