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Reading Materials: Artists’ Sharing

Jan 8, 2022
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

*Update* The event will now take place via Zoom
Zoom: 818 1192 9324
Passcode: 064875

Sat 8 Jan 2022
With Chu Hoi Ding, and Koel Chu Ka Kiu, and Vanessa Lam Man Ting
Moderated by Ellie Tse, Para Site Project Manager/Assistant Curator


Join Vanessa Lam Man Ting, Chu Hoi Ding, and Koel Chu Ka Kiu for the second artist exchange of ‘Noble Rot’ Part One. Each artist will share their respective experience of material and media exploration in the development of their new commissions, and delve into challenges and questions that have arisen from the meeting and colliding of old and unfamiliar methods in making and thinking. Situated in new spatial constructs, how do research, writing, and reading figure as an explicitly visual project? What does abstraction offer in the process of ‘unerasure’ for images and languages on which more than one type of violence have been exacted? For objects historically imbued with particular rational functions in modern liberal society, what are the stakes of transforming and exposing their very material foundations?

About the Artists

Chu Hoi Ding

Currently based in Hong Kong, Chu Hoi Ding (b.1994, Hong Kong) graduated from the Academy of Visual Art of the Hong Kong Baptist University in 2017. Focusing on ceramics and raw clay creations, she often combines mixed medium elements, such as ready-made objects and images, with clay. Through the proposition of ‘destructive construction’, she meditates on daily lives and beings.


Koel Chu Ka Kiu

Koel Chu (b.1996, Hong Kong) is a writer from Hong Kong. Her recent work has appeared on Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine, Asia Art Archive’s IDEAS Journal, Fleurs des Lettres, SAMPLE, BIOS Monthly and Still / Loud. She is a full-time (disheartened) art administrator.


Man Ting Vanessa Lam

The practice of Man Ting Vanessa Lam (b.1997, Hong Kong) centers around the photographic concerns of light and time, presence and absence. Through prints and installation, she explores the meaning of these broad notions in specific terms of place and identity. Fascinated by abstractions in nature and language, her current research interest is the language and form of resistance, memory and protest. Drawing on photographic images of personal and often political significance, such as the dawn, erased graffiti, and torn posters, she explores the possibilities of these images and memories that inform our times. She graduated from Goldsmiths, University of London with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art in 2020.