Para Site Hosts Chan Ting for Three-Month Residency

Para Site is thrilled to host Hong Kong-based artist Chan Ting for a three-month residency (November 2023–February 2024) in its tenth-floor annex. 

Since the inaugural residency with the Hong Kong artist Kong Chun Hei in early 2023, Para Site’s tenth-floor annex has been an experimentation ground for site-specific interventions, intimate-scale exhibitions, workshops, gatherings, and a screening programme. The new space has allowed the institution to recast its role vis-a-vis artists and curators as it moves in a new direction. Looking to activate new conversations, awareness, and visibility beyond the traditional exhibition model, the collaboration with Chan Ting will continue this spirit of radical community-building.

Chan has proposed a series of field trips in Para Site’s neighbouring area for abandoned objects as well as other intangible material, such as songs or conversations overheard by the artist. For Chan, a ‘field trip’ within the city is an opportunity for urban dwellers to rediscover the place they call home, and to reactivate ready-made objects is in turn a form of resistance to the overregulation in contemporary urban life. 

Over the course of the residency, objects, imagery, and sound collected in the artist’s field research will accumulate and eventually transform Para Site’s tenth-floor annex into a semi-improvised ‘cabinet of curiosities’. An ‘open studio’ presentation will be held towards the end of the residency with associated public programmes for the audience to engage not only with Chan’s creations, but also with the newly activated space.

About the artist

Chan Ting (b. 1993 in Hong Kong; lives and works in Hong Kong) works with mixed media, image, sound, and installation. They also consider themself a wanderer whose work is to explore the relationship among people, cities, and nature. Traversing the everyday and extraordinary elements of the city, the artist incorporates found objects and ready-made materials. Chan’s practice often emerges from a stream of consciousness process with a particular focus on a poetic dialogue between image and sound. Chan received their MFA in art creation and BFA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2023 and 2019 respectively. They have been awarded artist residency and grants from several institutions in Hong Kong including the Art Museum of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2022), Para Site (2020), and Foo Tak Building from Art and Cultural Outreach (2019–2022). Chan was the co-founder and artist-curator of the independent artist-run space Negative Space (2019–2022).