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Chan Ting in Conversation with Lukas Tam Wai Ping & ‘Moss Wonders’ Opening Reception

Jan 27, 2024
3:00 pm – 7:00 pm


10B, Wing Wah Industrial Building
Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

On the opening day of ‘Moss Wonders’, a solo exhibition by Chan Ting that emerges from the artist’s three-month residency in Para Site’s tenth-floor annex, Chan and guest speaker Lukas Tam Wai Ping will share their experiences and ideas on working with found materials amidst a contemporary condition of uncertainty. The conversation will be conducted in Cantonese.

The conversation will be followed by the opening reception of ‘Moss Wonders’. We hope to see everyone there!

Opening day (27 Jan) schedule of events:

2–7pm: Exhibition on view
3pm: Chan Ting in conversation with Lukas Tam Wai Ping
4:30–7pm: Opening reception

About the artist & guest speaker

Chan Ting (they/them; b. 1993 in Hong Kong; lives and works in Hong Kong) works with mixed media, image, sound, and installation. They consider themself a wanderer whose work is to explore the relationships among people, cities, and nature. Traversing the everyday and extraordinary elements of the city, the artist incorporates found objects and ready-made materials. Chan’s practice often emerges from a stream of consciousness process with a particular focus on a poetic dialogue between image and sound. They have participated in artist residency at Foo Tak Building from Art and Cultural Outreach, being co-founder and artist-curator of the independent artist-run space Negative Space (2019–2022), and have been awarded grants from institutions in Hong Kong, including the Friends of the CUHK Art Museum Research Grant (2022) and Para Site’s NoExit Grant for Unpaid Artistic Labour (2020). Their recent solo exhibitions include  ‘Smoking Room’ at PMQ, Hong Kong (2021); recent group exhibitions include ‘Exercising Freedom’ at HART Haus, Hong Kong (2023), and ‘Temporary’ at Negative Space, Hong Kong (2022). Chan received their MFA in art creation and BFA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2023 and 2019 respectively. chan-ting.com


Lukas Tam Wai Ping’s early work explores the definition of what’s real, and to search for the situational difference between facts and reality. In face of the hardships in reality, he seeks to investigate historical contextualisation and contemporary life, and rethink ‘modernity’ in an Asian context. His recent interest pivots to the relationships between ‘text’, ‘object’, and ‘image’, while contemplating how art can serve as a cognitive experience. He currently serves as an associate professor in the Department of Fine Arts of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.