Here are the participants of 2046 Fermentation + Fellowships

During Para Site’s 25th anniversary year in 2021, held under the 25+25 vision that honours the communities built over the past quarter century and commiting to the foundations of the next, we are delighted to announce the participants of the inaugural edition of 2046 Fermentation + Fellowships.

The 18 participants of 2046 Fermentation + Fellowships are:

Herman Chan Ho Wang, Natasha Cheung, Chu Hoi Ding, Koel Chu Ka Kiu, Chung Wing Shan, Rannie Ip Ka Man, Florence Lam, Man Ting Vanessa Lam, Khris Lee Hong Wah, Wing Sze Ng, Michelle Tam Man Ching, Tam Rafael Vun Kwan, Hou Lam Tsui, Ice Wong Kei Suet, Wong Pak Hang, Wong Winsome Dumalagan, Jennifer Yue Yuen Yu, and Yuen Nga Chi.


The 2046 Fermentation + Fellowships aims to provide a collective safe space for learning and thinking as well as financial support for Hong Kong artists in the first years of their artistic work life, supported by Para Site’s curatorial team and a panel of facilitators, coming together as peers in discussing fundamental questions and practical concerns related to artistic practice and its economies. The programme is imagined as a response to the current scarcity in community support platforms and critical spaces for artists, particularly in the first years after graduation. Taking as a reference Para Site’s 25 years of history in the arts community since its founding in 1996, the title of the programme looks forward to 25 years from now, the year 2046, and to a future we hope to build on the basis of collective care, nurturing, and solidarity.

The participants were selected by a jury composed of the Para Site team and the six facilitators who are joining us for the inaugural edition: Luke Ching Chin Wai (artist, Hong Kong), Celia Ho (Para Site Curator, Hong Kong), Ho Tzu Nyen (artist and filmmaker, Singapore), Law Yuk Mui (artist, Hong Kong), H. G. Masters (writer and editor, Hong Kong), Charwei Tsai (artist, Taiwan) and Yang Yeung (scholar, writer, and curator, Hong Kong).

The first phase of the programme, Fermentation, commenced in October 2021 and continue through March 2022. The 2046 Fermentation + Fellowships is generously supported by Para Site’s community through the proceeds of the 2020 Annual Gala as well as by Jehan Chu, Schoeni Projects, and Jacobo Garcia Gil.