In Stasis | Sarah Lai Cheuk Wah

Mar 15, 2015 – Mar 17, 2015
Art Basel Hong Kong 
Outside Hall 1, Booth P4

For the 2015 edition of the Art Basel show in Hong Kong, Para Site is pleased to present a solo presentation In Stasis  by Sarah Lai Cheuk Wah. Building on its established practice over the years at the art fair, Para Site provides the opportunity for an emerging local artist to experiment and extend their practice through collaboration and support from Para Site’s curatorial team. Previous years featured Ho Sin Tung and Lee Kai Chung, among others.

Para Site selected Lai after a series of studio visits and discussions about the trajectory that her practice has undertaken. Lai’s work has always revealed her interest in the nuances behind everyday objects and steadily, the limitations of the painting medium. For Para Site’s booth at Art Basel, Lai will look into the increasing use of subversive surveillance technology in the post 9/11 world, and in light of recent events in Hong Kong. Working with objects linked to potential violence, Lai produces a mixed media installation that conveys both this brutality and the futile frustrations of everyday citizens confronted with it. Having moved beyond the framework of the painting language, Lai’s presentation is a compelling direct personal reflection on Hong Kong over the last year.

About the artist

Sarah Lai Cheuk Wah (b. 1983, Hong Kong) received her BA in Fine Arts in 2007, and MFA in 2016, from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Past solo exhibitions include Art Taipei (Gallery EXIT, Taipei, 2013) and Spotting the light onto a light (Gallery EXIT, Hong Kong, 2013). Group exhibitions include The 2nd CAFAM Future Exhibition (CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, 2015); Radiance (Mur Nomade, Hong Kong, 2014) and Philosopher’s (knock-off) Stone: Turning Gold Into Plastic (Osage Gallery, Hong Kong, 2012).

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