The Act of Tracing | Andio Lai

Mar 24, 2016 – Mar 26, 2016
Art Basel in Hong Kong 
On Level 1 Concourse, Booth P8

Para Site is proud to present The Act of Tracing, a commissioned solo presentation by sound artist Andio Lai. In recent years, Lai has experimented with his unique passion for inventing instruments and juggling alternative sounds. For this project, Lai considers the transformability of musical devices and technology into artwork, which articulate sound, a unique act of expression in the visual-centric surroundings of the art fair. This show comprises of a series of new and disparate instrumental devices that explore in a lively manner the boundaries between art, science, physical form, and noise. Referencing the analog sound system with the help of new media technology, each of these works is assembled from multiple found objects, electrical components, and classical sound mediums such as tape recorders and self-recorded vinyl. The final outcome can be “played/altered” by the audience, resulting in a wide variety of sensorial experiences for each individual, and revealing different trajectories connecting the artworks to the audience. The Act of Tracing is curated by Jims Lam Chi Hang.



The Act of Tracing is generously supported by Kai-Yin Lo.

About the artist

Andio Lai (b.1988, Hong Kong) is interested in making sound objects and machine art, some are built to be used in his sonic performances. He obtained BA (Hons) in Creative Media, School of Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong and MA in Fine Arts at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Through the practice of media archeology, studying tools development and the relative history of interfaces, his works focus on the subject matter of experimental instrument, playing and human-machine relation. Past performances include: Sonic Anchor #24 Interfacing Dynamics (2015)Jockey Club Street Music Series: Experimental Series #3 (2016); selected past exhibitions include: The Act of Tracing, Para Site, Art Basel (2016), Breathing Space: Contemporary Art from Hong Kong, Asia Society Hong Kong (2017), Medialogue, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre (2018)He is also a member of Floating Projects, an artist-run space, co-curating shows such as Toy as Medium (2016) and Sketch Out (2018).

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