The Void of Course Monday | Ho Sin Tung

May 23, 2013 – May 26, 2013
Para Site Booth, Art Basel
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Taking its point of reference from the astrological term “Void of Course Moon” which marks the period of time between the last aspects of the moon while transiting from one astrological sign to another, Ho Sin Tung’s presentation departs from Para Site’s invitation to work with the art space’s archive.The project explores the initial sense of alienation she felt upon the invitation (as a young artist collaborating with the oldest institution of contemporary art in Hong Kong for the first time) and also, the presumed absence of certain narratives such as the mention of Mondays and the undiscovered stories that these omitted Mondays tell – a metaphor for the many unwritten layers of art and its institutions. To the general public, Mondays are known as the gallery’s day off.

However, working with different people associated with Para Site along the years and their loose memories of the art space on a Monday, Ho stitches together multiple episodes that take shape as everyday pulp paper calendars. The public are invited to take sheaves of stories with them. These are coupled with CCTV footage of a Monday in the art space as well as with a video performance of hands, shot at Para Site during a period of renovation and changeover of exhibitions.



Ho’s solo presentation is generously supported by DSL Collection.